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Sorry that I couldn’t make it in person…was hoping to listen online, but for some reason, the audio is just so bad that it’s hard to hear. It’s really breaking up…maybe buffering issues…I’m not sure.

Dave DeAndrea
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Hi Bill.

Next time: Would you send your questions directly to Question@cherryintermedia.com … it will post, and others can benefit from our dialogue. I’ve cc’d that address in this response, so we’re good in this instance.

Right, opaque. I suppose that’s a relative term. 😉

My first suggestion is always: Try using WordPress.com help. I find it extremely well organized and very clear. This link will answer all of your questions if you take time to study it a little.

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David G

On Sat, Aug 30, 2014 at 11:28 AM, William P. Russell <wbillruss> wrote:

Good morning David,

Based in part on your workshop on Aug 27, I have sstarted ti actualize my plans for a web site for the Bandon Masonic Lodge.

As I continue to learn what I can from the Workshops I will also be working with a consultant who manages the Grand Lodge web site which hosts sites for the constituent lodges.

Scott Cook also emphasizes WordPress. At his advice I have biught a domain from dotster.com. The site I will be building will be at http://bandonmasons.org. The site will be based on one of his templates which can be viewed at http://template2.masonic-oregon.com/

I do not expect the site to be live on the Grand Lodge web server until after Labor Day. While I wait, I would like to work on the Blog at https://bandonmasons.wordpress.com/. You told me how to adjust the wa y the Blog acts on Comments; but it came too fast and I could not follow it. I know it must be adjusted on the Dashboard, but I am lost after that. I find the WordPress UI very opaque.

need advice from internet wizard

Hello David,
I attended your first lecture at the library and missed your July 22 meeting. My question does not pertain to your website, but this is the only way I know of to get a hold of you.

I am building a new home in Bandon, and have to make some decisions on how to wire our house, on Monday. I’m currently using Comspan for internet, phone, and TV, and they will be wiring my new house. However, after talking with the sales person today, I’m wondering if I’m only getting one side of the story…namely, their side. I’ve heard about VoIP, Skype, Netflix, Amazon Prime and how one can watch TV shows on their computers or use their TVs as an internet screen. But, this is waaay over my head.

I was wondering if I could pay you for your insight/advice in what the future may hold and the most efficient/simplest way to “wire” my house.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.
Beverly Minn

Baseline reference suggestion

Hi… at some point during the “first” workshop on 6/25, it seemed to me that a clarification of web presence terminology — a GLOSSARY — would help me, and the group in general, gain a common understanding and reference point on which to continue our learning — and eventual implementation. For example… what does the term “web presence” encompass? How broad is the concept? Also, there are terms and acronyms in the handouts that could be included.

Kristin Sorensen Gerhart
(541) 551-0390

AoWP Lab Schedule for 3Q 2014

Owing to the excellent response to the inaugural “Anatomy of a Web Presence” workshop, we’re working with CyberLynx of Oregon to schedule the next few events.

Tentatively it looks like this…

7/22 9-11AM – where we’ll install services for the Greater Bandon Association. Answer Questions along the way …

8/27 2-4PM

9/24 2-4PM

We presume these will all be held in the same room: Sprague.

You’re welcome to follow this blog to keep abreast of proceedings and any changes that may occur in the schedule.

David Gerhart

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“How hard can IT be?”



AoWP Workshop followup July 22nd.

Thanks so much for everyone that came!

See Maureen at Cyberlynx of Oregon for early details of the followup meeting 7/22.

It sounds like we’ll plow through setting up a Web Presence for the Greater Bandon Association — do all the work on the big screen while answering questions.

See you there I hope,.
David Gerhart

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“How hard can IT be?”