Hi Bill.

Next time: Would you send your questions directly to … it will post, and others can benefit from our dialogue. I’ve cc’d that address in this response, so we’re good in this instance.

Right, opaque. I suppose that’s a relative term. 😉

My first suggestion is always: Try using help. I find it extremely well organized and very clear. This link will answer all of your questions if you take time to study it a little.

To find the options I think we discussed directly from your web browser do this:

  • (your URL)/wp-admin/options-discussion.php
  • Or: From Site Dashboard – navigate to Settings / Comments:

David G

On Sat, Aug 30, 2014 at 11:28 AM, William P. Russell <wbillruss> wrote:

Good morning David,

Based in part on your workshop on Aug 27, I have sstarted ti actualize my plans for a web site for the Bandon Masonic Lodge.

As I continue to learn what I can from the Workshops I will also be working with a consultant who manages the Grand Lodge web site which hosts sites for the constituent lodges.

Scott Cook also emphasizes WordPress. At his advice I have biught a domain from The site I will be building will be at The site will be based on one of his templates which can be viewed at

I do not expect the site to be live on the Grand Lodge web server until after Labor Day. While I wait, I would like to work on the Blog at You told me how to adjust the wa y the Blog acts on Comments; but it came too fast and I could not follow it. I know it must be adjusted on the Dashboard, but I am lost after that. I find the WordPress UI very opaque.

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