Godaddy hosted services?

The question from Cleone was: Why if I register my Domain with GoDaddy, wouldn’t I also have them host my website?

David Gerhart

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One thought on “Godaddy hosted services?

  1. It’s a matter of expense — in the Workshop we were devoting our attention to which combination of services would be least costly. It’s been my experience that Registering the Domain at Godaddy costs what it might elsewhere, and their management tools seem easy enough (that part counts!)

    GoDaddy Free / Cheapest webhosting lacks many features. To obtain them you’d have to pay additional fees.

    So I’ve recommended — there is an additional expense to have host your nameservers, but doing so brings along some other benefits that most will find useful.

    An example would be that you can create an email alias at your domain name and forward emails to your existing google or yahoo (etc.) email accounts. No need to change email addresses. So the address you have on your business card at your business domain forwards to your gmail account seamlessly.

    There are other benefits of this arrangement, of course.

    I documented my own expenses in this model here:

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