Baseline reference suggestion

Hi… at some point during the “first” workshop on 6/25, it seemed to me that a clarification of web presence terminology — a GLOSSARY — would help me, and the group in general, gain a common understanding and reference point on which to continue our learning — and eventual implementation. For example… what does the term “web presence” encompass? How broad is the concept? Also, there are terms and acronyms in the handouts that could be included.

Kristin Sorensen Gerhart
(541) 551-0390

3 thoughts on “Baseline reference suggestion

  1. I snagged some text the other day and dropped it into a page “glossary” (see the main navigation menu.) That content is a bit dated.

    Turns out this is an example of an opportunity — a widget doesn’t yet exist in the space that would solve the item onboard. A vacuum exists — that is a tool to deploy that would permit the site operator to define terms, list them and leverage the site search to find appearances of terms in text of published articles.

    That leaves creating the reference in another medium or document.

    As a believer in “off the shelf” — I think there is an app to link to that will fill this need. But it would probably be off site at this time.

    I’ll continue to look.

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